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Monday, 15 March 2010 22:04
For us to proceed, please select a plan:

There is a one-time up front paid in advance non refundable $40.00 "Basic" Setup fee for each plan.
3db Platinum Plan is $35.00/Month ( Platinum Plan is $39.00/Month) 3db Gold Plan is $25.00/Month ( Gold Plan is $29.00/Month) 3db Silver Plan is $15.00/Month ( Silver Plan is $19.00/Month)
(The Silver Plan does not include integration with a PayPal payment System, it is appointment booking only)

You must have a PayPal "Website Payments Standard account" to have a Platinum or Gold Plan. (The Account is Free to setup from PayPal - you will need to do this). Additional Services: (Optional for an additional fee) See full details in the Long Version below. 1. SMS Text Messaging - Send Text Message confirmations to your customers. Setup fee one-time $30.00 and monthly fee is $5.00. Note***You will be required to purchase SMS Text Credits from a third party provider, in addition to the fees that 3db charges. (Price is dependent on the number of text credits you buy upfront; this is from a 3rd party provider not set by 3db Web Design and Hosting). 2. iPhone, Blackberry, Android (1.5 on HTC) interface - Setup will have an additional one-time non refundable fee of $50.00 and reoccurring monthly fee of $10.00.

Important Note: This system does NOT allow the selection of a ‘service' first, and then a resource. For example, the person would not be able to select "Portrait", "Wedding Video", "Birthday Party", etc, and then select resources like Photographer Joe, Photographer Sue, etc. This is not a ‘Service Booking' system but rather it is a system for booking appointments (time slots) with resources (a resource would be a person, a place or a thing). The system does not currently support choosing a service before the resource. It DOES support choosing a service AFTER a resource. This is a very important distinction. If you have any questions about this aspect, please let me know. Comparative Rates: As a comparative service to, my Rates are going to be roughly $4.00 cheaper than for the recurring monthly basic services in all categories.
Basic Services: 3db Platinum Plan is $35.00/Month ( Platinum Plan is $39.00/Month) (includes unlimited resource configurations in the monthly service fee.) 3db Gold Plan is $25.00/Month ( Gold Plan is $29.00/Month) (includes up to 10 resource configurations during basic setup and at any time during the course of paying the monthly service fee. More than 10 resources require upgrade to the Platinum Plan. )
3db Silver Plan is $15.00/Month ( Silver Plan is $19.00/Month) (The Silver Plan does not include integration with a PayPal payment System, it is appointment booking only. Includes one resource configuration)
A resource is or can be you, a colleague or an associate. This lets your customers book time increments, set by you. These can be configured in hourly or in 15 minute increments or even 30 minute increments and this would need to be determined at the time the resource is set up. Additional resources beyond the one included in the cost of the Silver Plan, will require upgrade to the Gold Plan, and the cost to configure will be included in the cost of the monthly service fee, up to the 10 resource limit included in the Gold Plan. The monthly service fee for each plan will be billed one month in advance. The first month must be paid for in advance, for the configuration of the service to be started and completed. After that, a recurring monthly charge will appear on your account for the plan you have signed up for. You are under no long term agreement and may cancel at any time subject to our terms and service agreement for this service. Failure to pay your account constitutes cancellation and your setup and configuration are removed from your website, your remaining content that is not part of this application will remain as is. You will receive an invoice reminder 10 days before the due date. 5 days after the due date, if your payment is not up to date, all of the appointment booking and associated setup content will be permanently removed. For the Gold and Platinum Plans, You must have a PayPal "Website Payments Standard account" in conjunction with our service to make it work. You must set this up on your own. 3db Web Design and Hosting cannot do this for you as only you should know your personal bank info needed to setup your PayPal account. Once you have setup and verified your account with Paypal, usually less than 5 days (dependant on you and PayPal). In addition, you must provide to us, you Paypal id which we will need to setup the PayPal payment gateway on your website. This is usually your PayPal account email address). ***PayPal will charge you its normal fee's ( IN ADDITION on a PER Transaction basis )to what you will pay us***.
There are additional services that we offer that does not. The additional services offer greater value for the money and services provided with this one caveat: As value and services increase, so does the complexity and maintenance cost (Maintenance is optional). I have tried to make all of this as simple as possible for you to compare the basic plans. Additional Options & Services: (THESE ARE TOTALLY OPTIONAL, and are in addition to your base plan). Additional services are billable on a per service basis with an additional configuration cost at $40.00 per hour. Billable in one (1) hour increments. SMS Text Messaging: (This option can be added on for an additional setup fee of $30.00 and re-occurring monthly fee of $5.00). This option let you send your customers a SMS Text Message for their confirmed paid booking appointment to their phone in the form of a text message. In addition, there is an option to send your customers, SMS Text Messages to remind them of their
appointment bookings in addition to sending them emails. There is an additional cost to have this service in addition to your basic plan. The cost is determined by the number of SMS Text messages you send. These costs are in addition to your phone service plan and is a separate additional fee though a 3rd party service. (Inquire for more details). Example: In the USA 9999 credits equals 9999 text messages and would roughly equal $49.00 USD. The system draws down on your credits as they are used. Depending on how busy your site is, will determine how quickly you run through your credits. The 3rd party provider is a Global provider and there are exchange rates that must be factored in. Exchange rates vary from day to day. The Example above is only an estimate not a hard price. You must purchase your credits from the 3rd party provider which is separate from your setup fee and monthly fee. IPhone, Blackberry, Android (1.5 on HTC) interface: This optional add on lets you "SEE" and "Manage" your appointment bookings from your phone. Setup for internet phone interface will have a one-time non refundable fee of $50.00 and reoccurring monthly fee of $10.00. The setup fee includes installing the software on your phone (I must have your phone in my possession to do this, usually while you wait) and the configuration time associated with it. ****NOTE*****Should there be complications beyond our control, (ie your phone does not allow for the completion of the setup beyond normal and usual circumstances, you will still be paying for the one time setup fee). BE AWARE that these technologies while they add value to your operations, Phone manufactures and their service may also have technology that pushes out updates that may affect the functionality of the interface. Phone manufactures may offer updates in the future that may break the functionality of your phone interface with your appointment booking software. You agree by ordering this optional "add on feature" that this may happen at any time in the future and 3db had little if no control over it. You sole recourse is to cancel the monthly reoccurring service fee using our automated system by putting in a support cancellation request using our system. ***Emailing or telephone request are not acceptable to cancel the service. Here

Features: (too many but I will list a few). Runs on Joomla version 1.5.x
? Extras - define any number of extra charge items. Extras appear on the booking screen as a label and a dropdown list of 'how many' to add to the order. Extras can be applied to all resources or to specific resources only. Extras charge amount can be per hour or per booking. Seats per Booking - Optionally define a number of 'seats' for a resource and define set types (Adult, Child, Family etc). Supports multiple seats in one booking. Coupons - Create any number of coupon codes, give to your customer for discounted booking charges. Unlimited number of user defined fields (UDFs) Graphic availability display (GAD) booking screen, see which slots are available and which ones are booked. Resource Specific UDFs - define UDFs (user defined fields) that vary depending on which resource is chosen. Service based duration - define booking duration by service. Google Calendar Support Service based costs - define booking cost by service. Full featured administration back-end. Limited front-end administration so resource administrators can do what they need to without accessing the Joomla back-end. PayPal - accept PayPal payments at booking time lets you add ecommerce to your website in a secure way. You website will not store any of your customers credit card information. All card info will be entered on a secure https: commercial web server on PayPal's site. However, your customers will get a transaction email as well as you the owner of the business letting you know the payment went through. Email confirmation sent to your customer and you when they successfully complete the booking payment. SMS text messaging for reminders and notifications. (For Additional fees related to this see below) New Front-Desk view for resource administrators, month/week/day views Automated reminders. (sends out reminders to your customers days, weeks in advance) Integration with 3rd party calendars; "Google". See your appointments in your Google Calendar. Define Services offered by resources, an attribute the visitor chooses. Limited Community Builder support - pre-fill booking screen with customer name profile data for registered users. (Community builder must be installed and working correctly for this to work). However in my trials, it works very well. (What is Community Builder?, It lets you manage your website visitors in a much more organized and automated way.

(The basic setup for Community builder is FREE, but will need to be installed and thus presents at least one hour of billable time at $40.00 per hr. Assigned resource administrator(s), any user can be assigned as a resource administrator. Define any number of timeslots in a day, resources can use Global timeslots or each resource can have his/her/its own timeslots. Define Book-off days for each resource. (Book-offs are pre defined days, times you DO NOT want to let people book for). Copy time slots or book-off days from one resource to one or more others. Front-end booking cancellation. (Customers after booking, get an email with a cancel code that they enter and it cancels the appt and frees up the booking system and lets others book the time). Front-end user's My Bookings screen. An auto-accept booking after customer pays you with a completed PayPal transaction. Specify what field is displayed on the optional 3rd party calendars. (Limited) Edit key outgoing editable message text for SMS Text Messages. (See below).
? Data fields in confirmation message. (Technical stuff you're not really going to be interested in). Export requests to .CSV for reporting. (You can export the info and then put it in a excel spreadsheet). Resource based 'available' days, assign what days of the week a resource is available for booking.
Google Calendar Interface: (Included with any plan FREE). (There is an Optional maintenance fee, "for trouble shooting" for $10.00 per month). For those not wanting to go the monthly optional maintenance fee, our usually billable rate is at $40.00 per hour per occurrence. Again, the reason for this is that we at 3db do not dictate to Google how they manage their software and services. They meaning "Google" can change their application at any time, which means it might break the appointment feature that interfaces with the Google feature. We will do whatever we can to fix it, but will bill for it to troubleshoot it so that there are no upfront misunderstandings down the road. The 3rd party calendars (Google Calendar) is intended to show upcoming bookings to you on your personal calendar, your selected staff that you give access to view your calendar or to the public on your website. This is not really required for you and your staff, as you can use the Front Desk view in the application for that, but some people are already using Google Calendar. You may not want to show your Google Calendar to anyone and thus, this would not be right for you.
What about going the other way? Can people that view my Google Calendar book appointments through the Calendar? Yes and no... read more.........

By that I mean, creating an event in Google Calendar with a 'Book Now!' link that will bring your user to your appointment booking interface to do the booking. So, yes you can do this but, some of the features are unsupported(?) Ok, what features are unsupported?
First, let me point out that Google Calendar does not 'support' HTML in the description field. If you use the Google user interface to add an event, you can add an anchor tag and it will work correctly on an embedded calendar. HOWEVER.. the next time you open the event in your Google calendar account, the tags will be removed.

Here is a Primer about how PayPal works:
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