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So before I came across Greg I had been through a DOZEN web designers over the years. Alot of them very talented in their own right. A common thing I have found among designers is that they take forever, are in bad communication, don't take direction well and it is just a frustrating experience all together. Greg blew me away because he was first off he is IN COMMUNICATION with you about every little thing, he works quickly and takes direction well verses changing your "Vision". I have more websites in the future to be built and i'm a long term happy customer of Greg!
Go Greg ! :)
Date of Posting: 09 September 2009
Posted By: Natalie Cass
Movie/Advertising Photographer, Salt Lake City UT
Greg and Marianne at 3db web design went above and beyond the call of duty in providing us with a website that fit our needs perfectly and have been responsive to all our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.
Date of Posting: 27 May 2009
Posted By: Dr. Gregg Latimer D.V.M.
Sugar House Veterinary Hospital
3db Web Design has always been very responsive to my needs on the website, and I really appreciate their help. Both Greg and Marianne have a very ‘Can Do’ attitude and I always feel they are looking out for me as their customer. You cannot go wrong working with them on your website needs.
Date of Posting: 11 April 2009
Posted By: Sandra Lucas
Executive Director, Utah Meth Cops Project, Salt Lake City
We moved our medical device company, First Hand Medical, to Utah from Boston to be able to access the best skiing in the world and decided to bring our web design capability in house. We needed a solid technical partner that could provide training on web design and support when we got over our heads. Greg at 3db Web Design and Hosting fit our needs perfectly. He has the unique capability of combining high level technical know-how in web design and video embedding with good people skills and training know-how. Thanks to the training and support of Greg at 3db, we are now updating our website every week on our own with high quality content that the search engines, like Google, are targeting. We target over 200 key words and phrases for our 2 websites, https://www.MyCarpalTunnel.com and https://www.EurekaMed.com . Now, we are on the first or second page of Google search for the majority of our phrases, like: Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Carpel Tunnel, Carpal Tunnel Computer User, etc. We keep climbing higher in the rankings all the time.

Greg also helped us embed our compelling video content on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Surgery, and Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment on our websites in a professional way with the most cost effective approach. His work has allowed us to quickly get up to speed with high quality video presentation on our website. We have had over 100,000 views in one year since putting up the video content. The video content has helped us increase the conversion rate of visitors to our site by 15%to 20%. We highly recommend 3db as professional, state of the art, confidential Web Design at a reasonable price. We are highly satisfied with our experience. Greg is such a good trainer that we do not need him as much anymore, but still rely on him for support when we get in too deep.

Thanks for all you do Greg!
Date of Posting: 25 March 2009
Posted By: Jeff Conley
President and CEO First Hand Medical, Salt Lake City, Utah
https://www.MyCarpalTunnel.com and https://www.EurekaMed.com
I have used 3db web design several times over the past few years, and I have been very impressed with the quality of service. Greg has helped us accomplish the design of a complicated back end database, as well as reformatting our current website. I highly recommend 3db for their extensive knowledge and ability to get the job done in a timely manner.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2009
Posted By: Jon Schlee
Owner – Eco Moto, 1050 South State Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 (801) 583-3390
We started working with 3db Web Design in June of 2008. At the time we had a web site but very few people were using it for anything. I had written some copy for a website that would be more educational but did not have a good web designer in mind that I felt we could afford and would do the job. Then I met Greg and was so impressed by his overall demeanor, I thought it would be worth it to give him a try.

Since that time, we have developed a website that everyday brings at least one customer through our doors, and often many. I personally ask every new customer how they found out about us and, next to referrals, the internet is the number one source of new business. Greg has innovated ways for us to track and adjust the ways people find our website and has made our website easily translated into Spanish. We have many Hispanic clients and I am sure this will help us gain more. Frankly, in relation to our yellow page advertising, a dollar spent on our website is probably worth $100 spent on yellow pages.

Greg has not only been adept at designing our site to attract visitors, but he is able to listen and understand what precisely I want to accomplish and translate it into the design of the site using software and methods that are free or very low cost. In short, I would recommend him for any website project and highly value his expertise and recommendations.
Date of Posting: 10 March 2009
Posted By: Randy James
Manager, Salt Lake City

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