We offer this as a FREE feature to EVERY Customer Providing Value and won't be found from cloud providers like AWS or Azure!
Built In as a Standard 


CLOUD SERVER APPLIANCE: The VS appliance lays between the hypervisor and the Cloud Server hosting the web apps. It automatically rewrites the URLs of static content to the CDN.

HYPERVISOR: Firewall rules are applied on the hypervisor to reroute HTTP/HTTPS traffic through the accelerator. The whole Cloud Server is accelerated, regardless of how many websites are hosted. The Accelerator also has built-in monitoring and failover. In the event the appliance goes down, the firewall rules are removed, and traffic is instantly sent back to the target server providing a quality of service and stability in fail over "what if" scenarios. 

CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK: Accelerator leverages locations around the globe and automatically optimizes, compresses, and distributes static content on all sites hosted on the Cloud Server. This is served to the end user via the closest location.

NO CONFIGURATION REQUIRED: No HTML changes are necessary, just flip the switch and watch your websites fly! 

Major Search Engines rank your websites load speed as part of your ranking in Search Results. This increases your websites speed giving your an added edge for a higher SEO Score over your competition. 

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